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GAINSWave™ Therapy – Wave Treatment for ED

52% of men have erectile dysfunction. Despite the availability of oral ED medications such as Viagra, a lot of men are still looking for a drug free ED Treatment.

HormoneSynergy has recently introduced a remarkable, medically proven ED treatment that uses sound waves to treat erectile dysfunction.

The technique, called “GAINSWave™ Therapy” uses a device similar to a lithotripter that breaks up gallstones and kidney stones.

How do Sound Waves Act as an Effective ED Treatment?

The technical term for this type of treatment is “extracorporeal shock wave therapy” or “audio frequency shockwave therapy.” The technique uses mild acoustic waves to recharge your sex life.

The GAINSWave™ treatment is completely painless.

So how is sound an ED treatment?

The pulsating waves stimulate increased blood flow to the penis and promote the growth of new blood vessels.

Blood flow is essential to erectile function.

As you age, the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis narrow and are less responsive. The gently pulsating waves of the GAINSWave™ improve blood flow to the penis by opening existing blood vessels and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. The improvement in blood flow results in stronger, harder, and more longer lasting erections.

The pulsating waves also trigger a healing response that wakes-up dormant stem cells and growth factors in the penis. The release of these growth factors also stimulate the creation of new blood vessels, as well as the rejuvenation of erectile tissue.

80% of men with ED who received the GAINSWave™ saw a reversal of their condition and stopped taking oral ED drugs. Nearly 90% of men receiving the treatment reported positive results and improved sexual performance!

Are Sound Waves an Effective ED Treatment?

In clinical trials, acoustical wave therapy for ED proved to be effective, even for men that did not respond well to other treatments. A recent study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that all of the men treated with shockwave therapy showed some improvement in erectile dysfunction.

Expected Results From GainsWAVE™ Therapy

As with any medical procedure, individual results will vary. Some men have seen significant results with a single streatment.

Compared to oral ED medications or other more invasive erectile dysfunction treatments, GAINSWave™ Therapy:

  • Is drug-free and surgery-free
  • Is non-invasive and has no known side effects
  • Is a simple in-office procedure
  • Provides long lasting results with little or no downtime

Call 503-230-7990 and ask to speak with our clinic director Daniel to determine if GAINSWave™ Therapy is your solution for erectile dysfunction and performance issues.


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