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Got Testosterone?

By Dr. Kathryn Retzler

Most men think hormone problems are only seen in women. Unfortunately, as men age, low or suboptimal testosterone, can cause significant and progressive symptoms. Because testosterone production declines gradually, symptoms of low tesosterone are often unnoticed, and even dismissed by many doctors as signs of “just getting older.”  The good news is that you DON'T have to 'fall apart on schedule". 

What is Andropause?

The term “andropause” is referred to as “male menopause” in the mainstream media, and “androgen decline in the aging male (ADAM)” in the medical community. Symptoms of andropause  and low testosterone levels in men usually come on gradually due to the progressive decline in testosterone, often coupled with an increase in estrogen production. Low testosterone levels are commonly seen in men over 40, with levels decreasing as early as the 30s. Recent studies suggest the prevalence of low testosterone in men over 45 years may be as high as 38.7%1, with >50% of men having low testosterone by age 70.

Watch the short video below to learn about Andropause and Low Testosterone levels in men.



*We are a holistic longevity medical practice specializing in Bioidentical Hormones, Age Management and Functional Medicine. Our mission is to prevent, slow, and treat age and lifestyle-related disease. We only prescribe hormones within the context of a comprehensive treatment plan with the goal of helping you achieve optimal health and well being. We do not prescribe hormones to anyone with a history of illegal steroid use, bodybuilders, or anyone looking for isolated improvements in sports performance. No medications or hormones will ever be dispensed by HormoneSynergy Clinic LLC or Dr. Retzler without an in office consultation, comprehensive medical evaluation, laboratory testing, a prescription, and proper follow up protocols. This clinic does not prescribe growth hormone.



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