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Metabolic Recovery and Detox Program

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HormoneSynergy Metabolic Recovery and Detox Program
If you're serious about wanting to reverse metabolic syndrome, improve your energy level, eat a healthier diet, eliminate allergies, and cleanse your body, this program is for you. And if you'd like to increase exercise, lower stress, and learn to manifest the life of your dreams, you'll be glad you invested in this program.
Dr. Retzler and Daniel have documented dramatic health changes in past participants - from weight loss to improved energy and elimination of chronic health problems, including pain. Many people have completely changed their diet, sedentary lifestyles, and stress-creating habits by taking this program.
What you receive:
  • Bioimpedence analysis testing to measure fat and muscle percentages, toxicity level, and basal metabolic rate (calories burned at rest) before and after the program.
  • 5 Weekly Lifestyle Coaching sessions and activities regarding health-enhancing subjects
  • 4 guided visualization CDs related to each week's topic (these sessions significantly improve your success in the program)
  • Metabolic Recovery and Detox medical food to enhance detoxification
  • Handouts, tools, books, NutriBullet and other heath enhancing gadgets to support your success
Topics covered during your personalized weekly coaching sessions include:
  • Healthy detoxification (hint: fasting is NOT healthy) and why it's crucial for optimal health and aging
  • The relationship between brain chemistry and food addictions
  • What stress does to your body and tools to minimize its impact
  • How to manifest the life of your dreams
  • Optimal exercise and ways to overcome inertia
  • Developing a health mission statement and ways to stick to your goals
Cost is only $695. All lectures, 5 Personalized coaching sessions, workshop materials, medical food, NutriBullet, tools and gadgets included.

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